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Community guidelines

By accepting a registration to participate in this community, you (the "user") agree to the following terms. The qanoneuropa.com community can change these terms of use at any time and will publish changes on this website immediately.
Your comments and contributions are an essential and valuable part of qanoneuropa.com. Every user has the right to express his opinion freely. The quality of the contributions and subsequent discussions is important to us in this platform for a lively, interesting and inviting exchange of information. Therefore, the corresponding community guidelines apply to posts, posts, blogs and related content, which are followed by all members of the community and which we must take into account when moderating.

No offensive or proprietary content .... read here ...

The user may not upload, distribute or reproduce any posts, content or materials on the website ("postings") that contain defamatory, defamatory, vulgar, harmful, illegal, obscene, pornographic, abusive or illegal material. Content or images of any kind. Any form of hate speech or discrimination based on religion, race, nationality, gender, sexual preference, age, disability etc. is not tolerated and the user must be removed from the community in the event of constant violations.

The user undertakes to comply with all applicable laws on the protection of intellectual property such as copyrights, trademark rights, patents and trade secrets through his contributions. Examples of intellectual property include articles, books, publications, music, videos, graphics, photos and internal business documents or manuals.


You are responsible for your own contributions and publications.
The user is solely responsible for the content of his contributions and the resulting consequences.

The site is available to authorized users of the site and the user agrees not to link or perform any other actions that could open the site to third parties.


Watch out for antitrust issues

Posts are sent and retrieved to allow open discussion between users. The website should not be used as a mechanism to engage in any commercial activity or any other illegal concerted action. In particular, the user agrees that discussions about fees, prices or other anti-competitive behavior are strictly prohibited.

The website provides content that shows alternatives that allow users to customize their own policies, practices, or comparative due diligence to suit their personal circumstances.

The user acknowledges and agrees that the opinions published on the website do not determine internal business decisions, as this is the responsibility of the individual institution's business decisions. The site is not responsible for such individual business decisions.



qanoneuropa.com values ​​and respects the privacy of its users and the security of users' personal and business data. This section explains how qanoneuropa.com treats data and personal information transmitted to us. qanoneuropa.com monitors the use of the website by the user and can remove all postings specified in these terms of use. qanoneuropa.com has the right to remove all posts on the site that violate the guidelines. qanoneuropa.com is not responsible for contributions and information posted by users and does not accept any liability for such contributions. qanoneuropa.com does not disclose any personal data related to the use of the website by the user to third parties, except to comply with the law, a court order or duly authorized investigative authorities.

The qanoneuropa.com community does not share any personal data about the users of the website with third parties. However, qanoneuropa.com collects and collects information about the use of our website by the user to support the market assessment and for other purposes that are reasonably determined by qanoneuropa.com. The information collected is (i) personal information that the user voluntarily provides when registering on the website; and (ii) tracking information collected as the user navigates the page. Once the user has provided personal information, it will only be used to manage the website and to collect navigation history and data, or for other purposes as described at the time of data collection. This information will not be passed on to other parties unless otherwise stated at the time of data collection.

Information about users on the website is collected using technologies and tools, including cookies. qanoneuropa.com aggregates and analyzes this information to learn more about how our website is used and how better products and services are provided. Please note that the user cannot access certain areas of our website if your computer does not accept cookies!

To view and edit your personal information, please visit the relevant section of our website.
qanoneuropa.com reserves the right to disclose at any time all information that is necessary to comply with laws, regulations.
The complete data protection declaration can be found here:  Community guidelines


Discuss with one another objectively and with qualitative content.

The user is encouraged to speak freely and to support debates by expressing personal opinions or preferences on published topics. Personal attacks, threats or abuse will not be tolerated.

The user agrees not to assign citations to people in order to promote opinions, debates, discussions or support on subject areas or to strengthen the credibility of a proposal based on the attribution provided by the user without the person's permission. qanoneuropa.com can remove all citations that violate this term quotation.

The user agrees not to intentionally disrupt discussions with repetitive, objectionable, meaningless or SPAM messages.

Please no spam.

The user agrees that the posts may not contain spam mails, chain letters, junk mails or other advertising measures. The user agrees not to use any postings, information or names on the website for distribution lists to third parties without this person's express consent.


Link to precautions

ZIn order to comply with copyright law, the user undertakes to respect the intellectual property rights of others and to only send hypertext links
The homepage (no internal websites) of a profit-oriented or private website; or

Any page of a public document, government website, or public institution website.

The user respects the copyrights and may not provide direct links to news sources, publications or articles without the express permission of the author or website owner. Information such as title, author, publication date and publication name may be given, provided that it is not linked to an unauthorized link.

The user may not publish frames or inline imaging content, websites or similar material from third party websites on the website without the express written permission of the website owner in order to republish the website website content in this way.

All links available on the site are independent of this site and qanoneuropa.com makes no representations or warranties for the correctness or authenticity of such content and may not be interpreted as sponsorship or advertising of any kind.


No advertising.

The user may not advertise or offer goods or services or similar activities on the website. qanoneuropa.com reserves the right to publish informative marketing material about its products, services and those who are endorsed.


No professional advice.

The user acknowledges that the contributions are only opinions of individuals and that neither the contributions nor the website contain professional, legal or accounting information. If the user needs professional advice, please contact the responsible specialist.

qanoneuropa.com assumes no responsibility for the topicality, delivery, deletion or failure to save contributions.

qanoneuropa.com reserves the right to remove posts at any time without reason, discretion and the ability to block the user from inappropriate or prohibited conduct, behavior or posts.

qanoneuropa.com reserves the right to redistribute, edit, publish, display, change, transfer or delete content. All bookings by the user without separate approval by the user, since the bookings themselves mean the consent of the user.


Intellectual property / ownership of the website.

By submitting content on the website, the user hereby grants qanoneuropa.com a permanent, license-free, worldwide, unrestricted license to use, reproduce, distribute, sell, license or sublicense the postings in any way and in any way, which is either now known or will be created below, including the ability to create derivative works or compilations of the General Regulations there


Assurances and warranties

qanoneuropa.com does not guarantee or guarantee contributions, content, discussions or results from the use of the website by the user. qanoneuropa.com gives no guarantee or assurance regarding the reliability or correctness of information published by users on the website.

qanoneuropa.com makes no guarantee or representation regarding the technological services provided through the use of the website, including but not limited to uninterrupted, timely, secure or error-free services.
The user affirms and guarantees that no contributions neither violate the intellectual property rights of third parties nor violate them or contain content that is defamatory or otherwise illegal.


Disclaimer of liability

qanoneuropa.com expressly rejects all guarantees of any kind, whether express or implied, including without limitation any guarantee of merchantability or suitability for a particular purpose or non-infringement. The website provided by the Faceblogs.eu service.

qanoneuropa.com is not responsible for inaccurate or incorrect user contributions or in any other way related to any of the services provided by the site.
The inclusion of a link to a website does not mean approval, sponsorship or approval by qanoneuropa.com. qanoneuropa.com is not responsible for the content, accuracy or opinions expressed on these linked websites.



The user agrees to qanoneuropa.com, its officers, directors, employees, agents, subsidiaries or affiliates for claims, costs or liability in connection with a breach by the user of the provisions of these terms and conditions or in connection with a claim for violation or infringement of the intellectual property or other rights of third parties for third parties via the use of the website or the contributions by the user within the scope of this agreement.


Limitation of damage

Under no circumstances will qanoneuropa.com be responsible for special, indirect, accidental, exemplary, punitive or consequential damages, including loss of profit, which may or may arise for the user through the conclusion or trust in this contract, even if qanoneuropa.com became pointed out the possibility of such damage.


Applicable law

These terms of use are subject to German law.


Compliance with the law

The user must comply with all laws, ordinances, rules and regulations that apply to the performance of the user under this agreement. The user agrees to indemnify qanoneuropa.com from all claims, damages and costs, including, but not limited to, actual lawyer's fees that result from the user's failure to comply with such laws.



qanoneuropa.com can, at its own discretion, terminate any user access due to multiple policy violations. qanoneuropa.com will only resort to this act in extreme exceptional cases in order not to endanger the free exchange of opinions.

Users can voluntarily cancel their account by notifying the site moderator or deleting the profile themselves. Deleted profiles are irrevocably deleted and cannot be restored.
This site is reserved for authorized participants only. If the user does not maintain their registration status, the user is automatically disconnected from the site until they have an active membership.



If you have any questions, concerns, or problems regarding the site, please contact the site moderator or admin specified.
Any notification below will be forwarded to the site moderator and will be considered effective and delivered upon receipt.



qanoneuropa.com makes every effort to maintain the confidentiality of the user on the website. However, qanoneuropa.com is not liable for damage caused to the user by a breach of confidentiality.


Entire agreement

A specific waiver by qanoneuropa.com from a provision of this Agreement on a particular occasion and for any reason is not considered a basis for an automatic waiver of the same or a different provision in the future.
The user agrees to the terms of use of the website when using the website for the first time or when becoming a member of the website. The terms of use represent the entire agreement between the user and qanoneuropa.com in relation to the website and the associated services.


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